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 This post is not eve related, its about dogs

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PostSubject: This post is not eve related, its about dogs   Fri 19 Jan - 21:02

If anything just wach the video i linked at the bottom. thanks.

Well, i had one hell of a day. Its the only thing on my mind right now so i though i would share to see if i feel better, so here goes.

I need to find a apartment to move into, easy you say? well, i just went through a whole day, called over 24 apartment complexes, and spent hours on the internet, people with, all sorts of forums, didnt find 1 that would take me. I have the money to pay rent, good credit, im single and quiet and dont have big partys or make a mess. So why cant i find a home? It is because i have a dog. A dog that is a boxer/pitbull mix. The media has made the words "pitbull" sound like "murderer" to the ears of the general public. When i tell them i have a dog they say with a smile, oh thats great. What kind of dog? I slowly reply just to see there reaction, i say "its a boxer.......pitbull mix. Soon as i say pitbull the smile on there face vanishes like im a magician or something. It happend 24 times to me today. This dog wouldnt hurt a fly, so sweet she melts in the arms of women.... im not sure where im going with this, its just crazy that i have been ostricized because of the kind of dog i have. Its not a breed that makes it mean, its the owner. So i have become so upset about this i have mailed this video to all the news stations and apartments in Salt Lake City to see if i can make just a wee bit of a change, if just for one person to take some thought in this, for one person to think that maybe, just maybe, not all pitbull's are going to eat your children and kill your neighbors on sight.

Here is the video
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This post is not eve related, its about dogs
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